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Grand Cayman…Relaxing in Paradise…Beautiful Beaches…Picture Perfect

May 22, 2017
Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach

The Caribbean – Grand Cayman – 19.3222 N, 81.2409 W

Time to Recharge After Wrapping Up a Major Work Deliverable!

The Planning

Sometime back 72hrJetsetterGirl had a major work deliverable looming that would require all her dedication and energies to knock it out of the park.  To stay focused and on track (probably more to keep her sanity in tact!) she knew she had to plan a retreat at the end of it where the options were just kicking back and relaxing – DO NOTHING…What The!  This is so out of character for 72hrJetsetterGirl – but hey we all need to look after our physical and mental well-beings at critical times.

72hrJetsetterGirl asked friends and colleagues for suggestions on where to go within a 72 hour time-frame. Where have they had a great tranquil and peaceful experience? Some great recommendation were provided and went straight to the “research” list.  Whilst others offered a blank stare and said “why” just relax at home in your one bedroom condo! 72hrJetsetterGirl passed on that suggestion! Whilst juggling critical work commitments, research was underway on potential getaway locations.

Travel Day – So Excited

72hrJetsetterGirl was on-board, seat-belt fasten and ready for take-off. Then only to hear “This is your Captain speaking, due to a mechanical issue this plane won’t be going to Grand Cayman”. Yikes, glad this came to light whilst still on the ground.  Then immediately followed by a negative thought “what next”?? 72hrJetsetterGirl’s excitement level had now hit rock bottom!  The airline advised that there was a replacement plane available.  Yippee, however it was a smaller aircraft and they were asking for volunteers to take a later flight with a financial compensation for the inconvenience.

Offload or not? For 72hrJetsetterGirl voluntary off-load is NEVER AN OPTION due to her tight traveling schedule. If on the other hand you have more time when traveling, then go for it.  It is a great opportunity to get some extra traveling $$s.

Hello Grand Cayman 72hrJetsetterGirl has arrived.

Relaxing on Seven Mile Beach

Relaxing on Seven Mile Beach

The Location – Heavenly

The resort’s freshwater pool is nestled among palm and casuarina trees with a swim up cocktail pool bar.  As an Aussie, 72hrJetsetterGirl prefers the beach. The pristine white sand of Seven Mile Beach was only 700 feet away – who could resist!

The Westin Resort Grand Cayman

The Westin Resort Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach….One Word….GORGEOUS…it is known for its beauty and has received the honor as being one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, you cannot argue with that claim to fame. There is no better way to start the day than a lovely beach walk watching the sun peek over the horizon.

Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach

Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach

Things to do in Utopia

Grand Cayman’s main tourist attraction is Stingray City. The “City” is actually a series of shallow sandbars (3-4 feet deep) where southern rays are found in abundance, with the added attraction – you get to swim with them, bonus. Yes, swimming with Stingrays – you know that’s the sea life that killed the Aussie icon “The Crocodile Hunter”. Of course, 72hrJetsetterGirl experienced this amazing opportunity, but did not tell her Mum until after the event. Phew! After spending time at Stingray City it was then off to do some snorkeling at Coral Gardens. The excursion was 3 hours in duration.

Enjoying the boat ride to Stingray City, Grand Cayman

Enjoying the boat ride to Stingray City

Grand Cayman's Stingray City

Grand Cayman’s Stingray City

Up close and personal with stingrays at Grand Cayman's Stingray City

Up close and personal with stingrays at Grand Cayman’s Stingray City

Grand Cayman #FunFacts

Seven Mile Beach is a crescent-shaped natural wonder, which measures just over 6.3miles, with about 6miles of uninterrupted pristine sandy beach – is this false advertising?, who cares it is paradise?

Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach

Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach

The Nuts and Bolts of this Recharge Escapade

Why this destination?
  • It is the Caribbean, beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters;
  • A million miles away from the daily pressures of life – only decisions to be made here – pool, beach or day spa? Mojito, Pina Colada or Daiquiri?;
  • A safe destination for a solo female traveler; no need for an all-inclusive resort. Restaurants/supermarkets are located close to the resorts;
  • USDs are accepted and change is given back in the local currency (KYD). Credit cards are widely accepted;
  • Resort was situation right on the beach. Cabanas/Sun lounges/Beach Umbrellas were provided;
  • Excellent beach for walking, swimming, snorkeling or sailing a catamaran.
How long?
  • 4 days / 3 nights (In Friday midday, out Monday morning);
  • 72hrJetsetterGirl was flexible with travel dates; a public holiday was incorporated into the trip, which meant an extra day in paradise.
Getting Around?
  • Flew into GCM. Taxi fares from the airport are a flat rate.  Shuttle buses (more like mini-vans) are available on the island to get you around. These buses can be flagged down anywhere along their route and the drivers are very friendly and will let you know once you have reached your destination.  This shuttle services is not an “airport shuttle service”.
What to take?
72hrJetsetterGirl enjoying Grand Cayman

72hrJetsetterGirl enjoying Grand Cayman

  • Carry on luggage…Sunscreen…Sunhat…Bikinis…Cover-ups.
  • Located in The Caribbean, be mindful of hurricane season. Travel insurance is essential when traveling internationally;
  • Grand Cayman has the potential to be an expensive destination, airport is full of private jets. Dining out can be expensive, in saying that, there are reasonably priced options near the resorts as well.  Look to holiday during the shoulder season.  72hrJetsetterGirl snagged an incredible deal; had the 5 star experience on a 4 star budget. No issue in holidaying during the shoulder season it’s business is as usual;
  • Some resorts will have resort fees to cover internet access, fitness studio, beach towels, beach chairs etc;
  • Grand Cayman is popular with Cruise ships.  Stingray City and the main town area are busy when the boats are in port, usually just for the day.


Grand Cayman remains 72hrJetsetterGirl’s favorite Caribbean getaway destination by far.  Being a fan of the white sandy beaches and supa friendly locals, well they do live in paradise ?.  However, will admit that by lunchtime on Sunday as a solo traveler, 72hrJetsetterGirl had “relaxed” enough and was ready for some excitement. Fortunately, at dinner on Saturday night, 72hrJetsetterGirl’s new bar buddy was a friendly and outgoing local, who suggested a Sunday afternoon chilling at a local beach club.  Sunday afternoon was then sorted.

Where is your perfect getaway destination?